LISD Imposes No Texting and Driving Law

LUBBOCK, TX – Police officers throughout Lubbock are now implementing the brand-new no texting and owning law. The law enables officers to pull over and points out people for composing, looking or getting any electronic message while owning.

Lubbock Independent School District Police stated a law had remained in place prohibiting motorists to use any cellular phone use while in the school zone, with the school zone lights flashing. Now, they stated this brand-new law will permit them to pull any one over using their phone at any time. Here is complete information about lawyer authors.

” We want people to be safe while owning, specifically near the school because our kids are our essential resource and we wish to keep them safe,” Jody Scifres, Chief of Police for LISD stated.

Chief Scifres stated since the brand-new law has been put into place they’ve yet to pull anybody over, but he stated they do keep their eyes out for it.

” We have a great deal of traffic in Lubbock, we have a great deal of pedestrian traffic, particularly around schools,” Scifres stated, “With this brand-new regulation in place it provides us more enforcement for severe problems with owning.”.

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